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Leasing vs Buying a Honda in  Nashville, TN

Factors to Consider While Deciding Whether to Lease or Buy a Car from Honda of Murfreesboro

Securing affordable monthly payments for your next Honda is an important step, but you may be wondering if you should take out a new loan or a lease. These are both advantageous options that could help you drive home in your new Honda soon. However, you should know more about the bold differences between an auto loan and a lease before finalizing your decision.

Comparing Leasing VS. Buying From Honda of Murfreesboro:

Honda of Murfreesboro dealership has some incredible car leasing deals and specials on a variety of top-selling Honda models. We know that it can be daunting for customers like you to compare, learn, and decide. That’s why we have a list of side-to-side comparisons with details on benefits, differences, and specials which may help you to make a wise decision.

Benefits of Buying

You will eventually own the vehicle when you buy your next Honda with a loan. You can continue driving your Honda for as long as possible. This may be an ideal option for drivers who want to get the most value out of their Honda or who plan to hand their Honda down to a family member over the years.

  • Affordable monthly payments that end in vehicle ownership
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Ownership for as long as desired
  • The ability to customize your vehicle
  • The ability to pass the car down to a family member in the future
  • Potentially lower insurance costs

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing a Honda has its benefits as well. Comparatively, the monthly payments may be lower than with a loan. When the lease is up, you can return the Honda to our dealership and pick out your next Honda in a few years. With a hassle-free return process, this is an easy way to experience the benefits of a new vehicle every few years.

  • Lower monthly payments than if you were buying
  • Lower down payment
  • A hassle-free return process at the end of the lease
  • The effortless ability to get behind the wheel of the latest model every few years
  • The ability to only pay for your use of the vehicle
  • Your leased car remains covered under the warranty and may include basic maintenance
  • The ability to drive a nicer vehicle than if you were buying outright

Learn More Today

Are you interested in exploring your loan or lease options in greater detail? Our financing associates at Honda of Murfreesboro are available to help you learn about the loan and lease possibilities you qualify for. Contact our financing department today for more information.