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Honda battery replacement is a key part of vehicle health

Battery replacement needs to be a key component of your routine Honda maintenance schedule. Few things can prevent you from starting your car faster than a dead battery, and it is no fun being stranded in a parking lot in cold weather. Depending on where you are when the power loss occurs, you risk overexposure to the elements while waiting for assistance. To ensure you are never left behind, rely on Honda of Murfreesboro if you live in the Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne, Franklin or Nashville areas of Tennessee. We can keep you on schedule for all routine and pop-up maintenance tasks, including battery changes.

When is the first battery replacement done?

Battery "mileage" results vary. A good rule of thumb is always to pay attention to the warning signs and monitoring battery performance after the first two years. While your battery may keep going for several more years, the average lifespan is two to five years. Different environmental circumstances and driving habits contribute to the difference in expected longevity. Drivers of a newer Honda may find a battery replacement under warranty if it is required in the first three years or 36,000 miles.


What are the warning signs of a bad battery?

Except in very rare situations, such as a bad alternator impacting your battery life, the battery dies slowly and provides you with a few clues it's limping along. Honda drivers receive a dashboard warning when the battery charge is low, and there are also other symptoms. When you turn your car key, if the engine doesn't crank immediately or as fast as it typically does, it's a warning sign. If your electrical components, such as the headlights or horn, start to show signs of slowing down by dimming or weakening, it also points to the battery. Popping your hood and checking for corrosion or leaking signs can also indicate its time to head to the Honda dealership.

What is involved in replacing a battery?

If your Honda battery is still under your initial warranty, visiting a dealer provides an opportunity to enjoy a no-stress exchange. The best part is a new Honda battery installed by the dealer includes a 100-month warranty. This means your next battery exchange may also be a no-hassle experience. Battery changes are an easy fix. The auto service technician simply safely unhooks your existing battery, removes it from the car, places the new battery, and connects it to the electrical system.

Is a dealer or private mechanic best for battery replacements?

A certified Honda repair crew at a dealership is best situated to replace your battery with compatible Honda parts complete with individual warranties. The dealership can also review your vehicle for potential recalls and determine if your battery replacement is covered by any remaining warranty on your vehicle itself. At Honda of Murfreesboro, we are also geared for customer comfort and convenience with extended hours, Saturday hours, free Wi-Fi, and business stations in the customer waiting area to keep you connected as your battery is connected. Call today or schedule service online to schedule a service visit. Our service department is convenient for the Murfreesboro residents, Smyrna, La Vergne, Franklin, and Nashville area.

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