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Coolant Fluid Exchange Service


Honda Coolant Fluid Exchange in Murfreesboro, TN

We staff a team of ASE certified technicians ready to perform your vehicle’s next coolant fluid exchange service at our certified Honda service department in Murfreesboro. Coolant fluid exchange keeps the engine running at the ideal temperature to generate power efficiently and to keep the internal components protected from excessive heat, and wear & tear. We also offer regular service specials that take our value proposition to much higher levels than what’s offered by Murfreesboro’s independent service shops. When your Honda car, truck, or SUV is due for coolant maintenance, we invite you to get world-class service from us at Honda of Murfreesboro because the emblem on your vehicle matches the one on our service center’s signage.


Explaining Coolant Fluid

Coolant fluid has one basic job – to change the boiling and freezing points of the water it mixes with. Although coolant fluid is ideal for getting this job done to prevent water from freezing or boiling inside the engine as it keeps the engine running cool. The problem with this situation is that coolant will eventually get contamination or leak from a worn part. It is for these reasons that coolant fluid requires routine exchanges to keep the engine running at the specified temperature for ideal fuel efficiency. The best way to ensure that coolant fluid remains at its best is by scheduling exchange service at the specified mileage or when the coolant fluid maintenance light signals to do so.

When Will My Honda Need to Exchange Its Coolant/Antifreeze?

Every Honda model with an internal combustion engine including hybrids will need to exchange the coolant when the time comes. For newer Honda model years, you’ll know when it’s time for coolant fluid exchange service when the coolant fluid monitoring system signals the dashboard light. Honda generally includes coolant replacement at the 45,000, 75,000, and 105,000-mile intervals. If your Honda is approaching its first 45,000 miles, it is an excellent decision to schedule routine maintenance including coolant fluid exchange.

Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

Here at Honda of Murfreesboro, our coolant fluid exchange boasts a certified technician that knows your vehicle’s engine cooling system and coolant exchange maintenance professionally. We will remove the old coolant from the radiator, perform an inspection of the engine cooling system emphasizing worn components allowing leaks, and will then install fresh genuine Honda coolant fluid to specifications. You’ll also receive a complimentary multi-point inspection intended to reduce uncertainties about your vehicle’s condition including risky components needing maintenance soon or immediate repairs.

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