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Check Engine Light Diagnosis


Honda of Murfreesboro Provides Check Engine Light Service

It's happened to all of us: you're driving down the road when suddenly the check engine light comes on. What does this light mean? What's the best way to react? At Honda of Murfreesboro, we want to help you be prepared for this light. That's why we've put together this handy article! Learn more about the check engine light here, and then head to Honda of Murfreesboro, serving Smyrna and La Vergne, TN. Learn more here!

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Honda Check Engine Light Diagnosis


What Does the Check Engine Light on My Honda Mean?

In short, the check engine light means that something is wrong with your engine that requires attention. As your Honda runs, the Engine Control Unit (or ECU for short) keeps track of how various systems in the engine function. If it notices that something is not right, it will do two things: it will store a code and illuminate the check engine light.

How Should I Respond to a Check Engine Light?

The code that the ECU stores has to be read by a code reader, so it's always best to bring your Honda by a certified service center like Honda of Murfreesboro. As long as the check engine light is solid, you can finish your drive before scheduling your appointment. A solid check engine light generally indicates that there is no immediate danger to you or your vehicle, but it could still decrease performance or fuel-efficiency or increase emissions.

Before you schedule an appointment, it's a good idea to check your vehicle's gas cap. There's a good chance that a loose gas cap might be what triggered the check engine light.

If the light is flashing, you should pull over as soon as you can safely do so and shut off the engine. A flashing check engine light usually means that there's a misfire that can cause expensive damage to your vehicle.

Why Choose Honda of Murfreesboro for Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service?

Honda of Murfreesboro is proud to be your source for all things Honda. When you visit us for this service, you can rest assured that it will get exceptional treatment. When our technicians figure out what service your Honda needs, they will use only OEM Honda parts. While you wait, you can enjoy our comfortable waiting area, which includes amenities like a complimentary coffee bar and fresh-baked cookies!


Schedule Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service at Honda of Murfreesboro, Serving La Vergne and Smyrna, TN

When you're ready to schedule your appointment, we make it easy with our online service scheduler. Then, head to Honda of Murfreesboro to have the check engine light read!

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